Review: Espionage 2.0 The Tao Effect


Unobtrusive, intuitive, and simple to use. Espionage is designed to integrate with Apple’s Finder seamlessly, so that you can protect only the data that you want protected, and without having to resort to any special “vaults”.

Espionage is an app for locking your stuff on a mac. I had the pleasure of reviewing this app of the last few weeks and I am sold. It blends into the background, its only there when you need it and that my friends is my favorite kind of app. Now, setting up the app to work with other applications on your system is super simple. What does this allow you to do? It allows you to protect folders and app’s you want to keeps safe. Regardless if you share your computer or not some things should be kept safe, especially email. If you have any clients or anyone that you care about (I call it the “mom effect” if you get embarrassed thinking about telling them stuff) you probably don’t want that info in the wrong hands. This app gives you peace of mind from having someone snooping on your machine in your e-mail or whatever else and when it comes to business and clients no one can be to careful.


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Highlighted Features:

Application Associations

Espionage already works seamlessly with folders in the Finder, and now 2.0 brings that level of integration to other applications. Just as you can double-click on a folder to unlock it, you can now launch an application to unlock its data on-the-fly. Click the play button above to see this in action.

Sparsebundle Support

Introduced in Mac OS X Leopard, sparsebundles mean faster backups for encrypted folders. Instead of resending the entire folder, only the changes will be sent. Speaking of backups, Espionage 2.0 includes built-in backups functionality that makes it easy to restore your encrypted folders.


built-in You’ve encrypted your Mail folder, but you’ve got it on your list of login items. That can cause problems if it launches before Espionage does and discovers that its data has been encrypted. DelayedLauncher was the solution to this in 1.x—now it’s built-in as a checkbox.

Support for Separate Keychain

Don’t want to use your login password as Espionage’s master password? No problem. Espionage 2.0 gives you the option of storing your folder passwords in a separate keychain, protected by a custom master password.

Protect Individual Folders

No longer is it necessary to encrypt your entire home folder just to protect your email or your chat history. Espionage can protect individual folders, allowing you to easily secure sensitive data for applications like Mail, iChat, and Adium without the penalties of encrypting too much.

Built-in Backups

Espionage comes with built-in backups, custom-fitted for the way it works with folders. This means it no longer matters whether the folder is locked, or unlocked. Espionage will backup your folders safely and efficiently, making it easy to restore them later if disaster strikes.

Full Feature List:

If you want a full feature list or a ton more information as well as forums check out their site or check them out on twitter.

Site | Twitter


This app is simple and easy. Takes virtually no effort to set it up and use it. I love it and think its a must have if your a mac user and need some extra app security.



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