Are My Sites Up White Label Helps You Resell Website Monitoring [Freebies]

Are My Sites Up White Label

AMSU White-Label brings the same power that’s behind Are My Sites Up to you in a way that lets you easily resell it to others and manage it all from a lovingly crafted web interface.

So, you’re a web designer/developer with a list of clients. In these times, we’re all looking for ways to increase revenue from, and value to our clients. What if you could do both, and keep an eye on your websites and theirs at the same time?  Now you can, and as a bonus, you can increase the effectiveness of your communication with them. Are My Sites Up White Label is a website monitoring service that was built with people like you in mind. It has plans for every budget, and a plan calculator that shows you how much money you can make from it, given a few details like how many sites you have and how much you plan to charge.

AMSUWL Dashboard

“Ok”, you say, “That covers increasing revenue and value to my clients, but what about enhancing my communication with them?”

Ah, you’re speaking of Broadcasts. They allow you to send short messages to all of your clients at once, or just a selected few. Here’s an example of how they help you to save time: You host email for all of your clients, and your email server has an issue. One by one, your customers realize that their email isn’t working, and they call you. You answer phone calls all day, saying to each customer that you’re aware of the issue and that it’s being worked on. Broadcasts solve this problem by letting you send a message to all of your customers at once, these arrive via Push Notification, SMS, email (and even via personalized, automated phone call) telling everyone what’s going on at once, so you get back to work.  Pretty awesome.

Site Check

So what else is different about AMSUWL? It’s a full-fledged white label service, so your clients never have to know about AMSUWL – you can sell the service as if it were your own.  They can even build a custom iPhone app for you with your own logo, icon and colors, so that your brand is always on your clients’ phone screen, or you can use the white label app if you’d like. Your clients can install the app, log in and see their site status at any time. Clients can also log into the web app and view/manage their sites.

All of their plans have a 30-day free trial so you can start reselling the service and make money from it before they even charge you a cent.

As a special Fuel Your Apps bonus, the first 25 people who sign up for AMSUWL with the following link, - will get 2 months free! Sound good? We think so!


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