9 Must Read Sources On Pricing Your App

Price points can make or break a great application. This applies for web apps, iPhone apps, Mac apps, PC Apps etc. etc. If you don’t know where to price your app according to how much time you put into it, how much its actually worth or how much it is compared to your competitors you are flying blind. Here are 10 posts to read that will help you price your app.

37 Signals Ask 37signals: How did you come up with pricing for your products?

37 Signals answers a question from a user in depth: “I am developing an internet product and I am rapidly approaching the point at which I will need to set a pricing scheme for this product. Problem: I have no idea what to shoot for! I have done some research which shows a wide range of similar products with varying pricing schemes. When 37signals was developing Basecamp, how did you come up with pricing?”

Business Insider How To Figure Out If Your iPhone App Will Get You Rich (AAPL)

“As a number obsessed techie and ex-management consultant, market sizing and research were a big part of my launch preparations for Exit Strategy NYC. Since launch, I’ve received many questions from people struggling to estimate the market for their iPhone app ideas.”

Less Everything How not to price your app

“How much to charge for your web application is a question with no right answer. You will never make everyone happy. Nor should you. I firmly believe that if you hear no complaints about the price then you are not charging enough.”

FOWA Miami
Kevin Hale: Converting Free Users to Paid Users

Slide presentation from FOWA Miami with great content and background information on brands and converting users from Free to Paid.

How To Price Your App: Learning from Basecamp

Five years worth of screen grabs from Basecamp’s pricing chart. This allows you to see what they changed and how they advance their quality and their technology.

How to Price your Web App

“Pricing is always somewhat of a black art, and a subject about which there is precious little written with regard to web applications. It’s something I’ve always been fascinated by. The question of how to price our web application, Litmus, was subject to countless hours of discussion. Here I’ll discuss some common factors and hopefully help spark some ideas which can help you decide upon the price of your own application.”

AppStore Secrets

“We’ve published the presentation we gave tonight at the New York iPhone Developers Meetup, based off of our first 30,000,000 application downloads”

App Marketing 101: Pricing your iPhone App – Art and Science

“We’ve published the presentation we gave tonight at the New York iPhone Developers Meetup, based off of our first 30,000,000 application downloads”

Pricing your Web App

“What ingredients are needed to market your Web 2.0 Application? A quality marketing site, well written content, decent networking skills, unique product features and benefits, understanding your target market, etc.”

Pricing Round Up:

Did you find any of these links useful? Do you have any other links on pricing that are more useful? Drop them in the comments for discussion!

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